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Joseph Breen Memorial Fellowship

Each year, the ACS Green Chemistry Institute® (ACS GCI) awards one or more Dr. Joseph Breen Memorial Fellowships. The award sponsors the participation of a young international green chemistry scholar in a green chemistry technical meeting, conference, or training program.

Dr. Joe Breen was the first director of the Green Chemistry Institute (prior to the Institute becoming part of the ACS) and was instrumental in establishing the green chemistry movement. This fund commemorates Dr. Joe Breen’s commitment and accomplishments for the advancement of green chemistry.

Award Amount: The amount of the award is based on the estimated cost of travel, accommodation, and fees associated with the event, up to $2000 USD. If two Breen Fellowships are given in any one year, one of the awards will be given to an undergraduate student and the other award to a graduate or post-graduate student.

Where: Varies

When: Varies

Length: Varies

Eligibility: “Young” international scholar is defined as undergraduate students and above, but below the level of Assistant Professor and within the first seven years of a professional career. Applicants residing both within the U.S. and internationally are eligible for this award.  TBD for 2025

Applications Due:  TBD for 2024-2025 application cycle