Postdoctoral Scholars

The Cancer Research Institute (CRI) Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship

This fellowship provides support to fund and train young immunologists and cancer immunologists at top universities and research centers around the world and gives them an opportunity to work under the guidance of world-renowned immunologists.  

Stipend: Fellows receive up to $186,000 over three years to cover the cost of salary, insurance, and other research-related expenses, such as travel to conferences and meetings. The institutional allowance can also be used for childcare.

Where: Any non-profit institution in the U.S. or abroad

Length: Three years

Eligibility: The CRI invites postdoctoral fellows working in both fundamental immunology and tumor immunology to apply for this program.

Applications due: March 1 and September 1 (annually, if a deadline falls on the weekend, applications are due the following Monday.)