Postdoctoral Scholars

Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellowship

This fellowship supports advanced research by postdoctoral scholars in the chemical sciences or chemical instrumentation. Postdocs’ research must be innovative in method, speed, or process or it must represent new instrument technology. This fellowship will help postdocs transform into outstanding, independent researchers in academic, industry, or government labs.

Benefits: The award amount is $224,000 over 2 years for salary, fringe benefits and research expenditures. Instrumentation fellowships will receive an additional one-time amount of up to $200,000. Fellows receiving year 3 renewal award will receive additional $118,000.

Where: All U.S. colleges, universities, or institutions that offer postdoctoral fellowships

Length: Two years, with the possibility of extending an additional year

Eligibility:  Criteria for Applicants at time of application:

  • At a U.S. college, university or institution that offers postdoctoral fellowships and holds a 501(c)(3), or similarly qualifying, IRS designation; and
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States; and
    • Current graduate student anticipated to complete a PhD in the chemical sciences by May 1, 2024; or
    • Current postdoctoral researcher with a granted/conferred PhD in the chemical sciences with no more than 18 months cumulative postdoctoral research experience (at time of application due date); and
  • Must pursue postdoctoral training in an area of chemical sciences that would likely not be eligible for funding by traditional chemical biology, biochemical or biological science mechanisms (e.g., NIH-K award); and
  • Must have identified a mentor in the chemical sciences at a qualified U.S. nonprofit college, university or institution with appropriate laboratory facilities to support their postdoctoral research proposal.

Applications due: Application open June – September