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The ACS Graduate & Postdoctoral Chemist Magazine features in-depth advice from faculty, professionals, and graduate students on developing critical professional skills, career planning, navigating the job market, succeeding in scientific training, and maintaining a healthy life in graduate school.   

Magazine Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Natasha Bruce
Associate Editor: Blake Aronson
Production Editor: Susan P. Robinson
Contributing Editor: Joerg C. Schlatterer, Ph.D.
Copy Editor: Gail Mortenson
Editorial and Web Assistant: Mike Knott
Editorial Assistant: Nejra Malanovic

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Sr. Director, ACS Education Division: Terri Chambers, Ed.D.
Sr. Manager, ACS Student & Postdoctoral Scholar Development Office: Joerg C. Schlatterer, Ph.D.

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We invite ACS graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, faculty advisors, mentors, and professionals to share stories, advice, and information.  

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