Academic Research

National Research Council Research Associateship Programs

The National Academies of Sciences’ NRC Research Associateship Programs administer programs that offer graduate, postdoctoral, and senior-level research opportunities at sponsoring federal laboratories and affiliated institutions. After identifying a potential host laboratory and Research Adviser, candidates submit an application online. Please see individual programs for specific information. 

Stipend: $45,000–$80,000 for Ph.D.s, higher for Senior Associates; entry-level graduate stipends begin at $30,000, higher for additional experience

Benefits: The NRC provides health insurance, relocation benefits, and an allowance for professional travel. The host laboratory provides research facilities, equipment, and funding for supplies to support the Associate’s research.

Length: One year, with possible renewal for a second and third year

Where: Sponsoring federal laboratories and affiliated institutes  

Other Awards: Senior awards may be for shorter periods. Summer Faculty awards are for 8–14 weeks, renewable for up to 3 successive summers. The tenure for Davies Fellows is three years and is divided between the U.S. Military Academy (for teaching) and the Army Research Laboratory (for research).

Applications Due: Annually on November 1, February 1, May 1, and August 1