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ACS ENVR Graduate Service Fellowships

The ACS Division of Environmental Chemistry (ACS ENVR) offers up to two $500 ACS ENVR Graduate Service Fellowships annually, one for each ACS meeting. These fellowships are intended to get graduate students involved in the division, help them build their networks, and give a glimpse into what the Division does at national meetings.The Service Fellows will be invited to help the Executive Board for up to 12 months. Fellows must be planning to attend an ACS meeting, where they can assist the program chair in helping the meeting go smoothly. Other tasks may include aid in compiling updated lists of the Environmental Chemistry programs and curricula available nationally, compiling lists of grant opportunities, etc.  

Award amount: $500

Where: ACS Fall and Spring Meetings

Eligibility: Graduate students. Applicants must be U.S. Citizens or otherwise authorized to receive taxable income for work.  

Applications due:  June 1 - July 15 (ACS Fall Meeting) and Dec 1 - February 15 (ACS Spring Meeting)