Professional Development

ACS Science Coaches

Science Coaches is a joint American Chemical Society (ACS) and American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) educational outreach initiative to enhance science skills in students in elementary, middle, and high schools by pairing chemists (coaches) with AACT teacher members. 

Science Coaches is a unique opportunity for teachers to partner for a year with a chemist like you to:

  • Provide advice on real-world applications of lessons, demos, or experiments
  • Help develop and enhance lesson plans
  • Mentor student research projects
  • Promote inquiry-based learning
  • Support classroom-based experiments
  • Assist with chemical storeroom organization and safety
  • and more

Eligibility & Requirements:

  • Anyone in the US that teaches chemistry concepts in a K–12 classroom is able to participate. This includes:
    • Elementary school science teachers
    • Middle school physical science/earth science teachers
    • High school chemistry teachers (or any class that covers significant chemistry content)
  • All teacher applicants must be AACT teacher members.

Applications Due: June 3 (annually)