International Experiences

RESOLV-Undergraduate Exchange Program

The RESOLV Cluster of Excellence, founded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, offers undergraduate students an insight into cutting-edge research in the interdisciplinary field of Solvation Science. Hosted by the Ruhr-Univerität Bochum and TU Dortmund University, RESOLV researchers explore how solvent molecules are active participants in the control, mediation and regulation of chemical reactions.

When: The exchange begins during the Whitsun holiday week (early June)

Length: Weeklong summer school and a 2-3 month lab internship

Eligibility: In close collaboration with experienced scientists, the student completes their own research project and concludes with all Solvation Scholars presenting their work. Possible topics may include bioinorganic, supramolecular, theoretical, molecular modelling / simulation, inorganic & organic chemistry, functional materials & bio-systems, and spectroscopies. Students can review the list of RESOLV participating scientists for more project ideas. As a first insight into the day-to-day work of a scientist, this can be the perfect introduction to academic life.

Applications Due: Applicants may apply for a monthly stipend and travel reimbursement. Applications are open 15 October-15 January annually.