International Experiences

Science Corps

The mission of Science Corps is to build STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) capacity worldwide. To accomplish this mission, Science Corps places recent STEM PhD graduates to teach and develop science curriculum in regions that lack access to quality science education. As Science Corps fellows, they support innovative schools and projects by designing scientific curriculum, teaching, hosting workshops, and demonstrating experiments that provide students with hands-on STEM experience. Science Corps fellows leverage their expertise and passion to inspire and empower students to pursue degrees in STEM fields.

Eligibility: Science Corps welcomes applications from individuals who have recently completed or will soon receive a PhD in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) discipline, but who have not yet begun a faculty or similar level position. You may apply up to four years after you have received your PhD degree.

If you become a Fellow, we will ask you to commit six months to the program. This will allow time for acclimation and orientation, a complete school semester, and a concluding period.

There is no nationality or age restriction.

The long march through the academic requirements of a PhD in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) often minimizes opportunities for interactions outside of the research community. The experience and expertise of STEM PhDs is, however, tremendously valuable in underserved communities around the world. Science Corps seeks to be a bridge between these two groups by providing opportunities for recent PhD graduates, as Science Corps Fellows, to step outside the traditional academic path for six months, broaden their perspective and skill set, and contribute their expertise to underserved communities. As Science Corps grows, it is possible that we may open fellowship opportunities for scientists at more advanced stages in their careers.

Science Corps will organize travel to and from the destination, room and board, a living stipend, proper visa status, travel health insurance, and additional guidance on living and working at the site.

Applications Due: The Science Corps team reviews applications three times a year. Application deadlines for 2023 are as follows: April 15th and Nov 15th.