Postdoctoral Scholars

Intelligence Community (IC) Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program

This program supports postdocs in conducting research at universities, colleges, and U.S. government laboratories throughout the United States. Fellows conduct research in a wide range of topics, such as Chemical Engineering, that are relevant to the Intelligence Community.

Stipend: $75,000–79,000, depending on research location

Where: University, college, or U.S. government laboratories in the United States

Length: Two years, with an option to extend for a third year

Eligibility: In collaboration with Research Advisors, Postdocs develop and submit technical research proposals that align with research opportunities proposed by the IC community. The research is conducted by the Postdocs while working in partnership with the Research Advisor, and collaborating with an advisor from the Intelligence Community (IC Advisor).

Applications due: TBD 2023