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ACS Chemistry Festival Grant

At Chemistry Festivals the role of chemistry in daily life is emphasized by volunteers through interactive activities facilitated for the non-chemist public. Incorporating interactive activities and following all ACS safety guidelines are required at all events, but otherwise the format is flexible. These events are often hosted as part of the campaigns National Chemistry Week and Chemists Celebrate Earth Week but can happen anytime during the year. Similarly, the primary audience is generally young children but all age groups are accepted.

Award Amount: The maximum award for previous winners and those who have received direct training through a Festival Training Institute is 3,000 USD. First-time awards have a maximum value of 1,500 USD.

Eligibility: The principal event organizer must live outside the United States and Puerto Rico. Collaborations with groups in any nation are encouraged. ACS membership is not required. Previous awardees must complete a final report before being eligible for additional funds.

Applications Due: Approximately January and June of each year. TBD January 2023