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Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Scholars Recognition Program

ACS invites graduate programs in the chemical sciences and departments with postdoctoral appointments to select graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who’ve demonstrated exemplary achievements in any of the three categories: Leadership in Mentoring, Leadership in the Promotion of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect, and Leadership in the Promotion of Research Safety.

The names and institutional affiliations of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars receiving recognition will be highlighted on the ACS website. This recognition enables graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to be formally acknowledged for their contributions by their universities, organizations, and the American Chemical Society. Individuals recognized serve in critical leadership roles as mentors, diversity champions, and promoters of safe practices in the research environment.

Nominee must be a current graduate student or postdoctoral scholar in the chemical sciences at the time of submission.

Individuals may only be nominated and recognized for one category in a given year.

One graduate student and postdoctoral scholar may be recognized per certificate category each year. Departments are not required to nominate individuals in all three categories.

Applications Due:
July 18, 2022.