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Global Innovation Imperatives (Gii)

The Gii program provides funding to an ACS entity (international chapter, local section, technical division, international student chapter) to hold a multi-day research event to resolve/contribute to the resolution of global sustainability issues.

During this event, ACS members, committees, technical divisions, and local experts meet to present their existing research and to discuss additional solutions. Participants will then draft a white paper (typically with the help of a science writer) that includes the ideas and outcomes discussed during the program. The white paper is often presented during a press briefing at an ACS Meeting.

Award Amount: Up to $20,000

Eligibility: The Gii is open to all ACS members and units. The project topic and research must be long-term, sustainable, and last longer than the project events that take place in the year you are awarded funding. Gii funds may not be used for short-term research.  

Applications Due: November 1, 2022