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ACS Bridge Project Travel and Professional Development Award

The Bridge Travel Award, sponsored by the ACS Bridge Project, is open to underrepresented students who are pursuing a graduate degree in the chemical sciences. The goal of this award is to advance the career and professional development of graduate students. The professional development award will defray the cost of the ACS Fall Meeting 2023. Each award will be for up to $2,000 of eligible expenses based on the review of materials.

Professional Development activities include technical writing courses, business management programs, scientific meetings, and technical skill workshops. Students should apply for this award to refine existing skills while also learning new ones to supplement their educational and career aspirations.

Award Amount: Up to $2,000

Where: Varies

Length: Varies

Eligibility: Graduate Students in chemistry or chemical engineering who are U.S. citizens and underrepresented minorities (including African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans). An award is also available for undergraduate students.

Applications Due: June 2, 2023. Applications for the ACS Bridge Travel Award open May 1, 2023.