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SciTech DiploHub Fellowship Program

SciTech DiploHub, the Barcelona Science and Technology Diplomacy Hub, is a pioneering nonprofit public-private partnership backed by leading research centers, universities, non-profits, startups, corporations and public institutions that positions Barcelona as a global lab in science diplomacy for cities around the world.

It has the mandate to elevate the role of science, technology and cities in foreign policy and make Barcelona a more influential player on the global stage by representing its knowledge and innovation ecosystem worldwide. The SciTech DiploHub Fellowship Program 2022 offers the unique opportunity to three promising young professionals to further their career in the emerging discipline of science and technology diplomacy. Through an immersive 6-month fellowship in Barcelona, participants will join SciTech DiploHub’s team in implementing the world’s first city-led science diplomacy strategy, while gaining hands-on experience, building a broad professional network, and getting involved in numerous training activities at the intersection of science, technology and international relations. This program is offered jointly with the Barcelona City Council.

The SciTech DiploHub Fellowship program trains early career/students European scientists to be at the nexus of international relations, research and science diplomacy.

Eligibility: The fellowship is open to EU citizens/residents who are pursuing a degree in the fields of science, technology, international relations, engineering or public policy. Those not currently enrolled may be considered under exceptional circumstances.

Applications Due: Applications are typically due in December of each year. 2022 prospectus is located here.